• August PTO Minutes

      1. PTO T shirts
        1. Dry fit
        2. Light blue and white (blue and  gold not an option)
        3. Men’s cut


    • Brian will send an email with prices and date to respond with sizes
    • We will respond with sizes, so we can order them for the picnic


      1. Welcome back Picnic
        1. Helium Tank
          1. To be used for the welcome back carnival and back to school night
        2. Food
          1. We cover the Sodexo lunch- Hot dogs, chips, water
            1. Ms. Draper set menu
        3. Music
          1. We can hook up a phone to a speaker/ save money on DJ
        4. PTO table
          1. Brochures
          2. Give magnets
          3. Spiritwear/- sell leftovers
          4. Rock table- students can decorate rocks
        5. Raffle prize donated by PTO
          1. Lehigh Valley Zoo tickets
          2. BASD themed
        6. Volunteers


    • Traci will tweet it.


      1. Calendar
        1. Traci clarified that we will have a Pizza sale for Matey’s in January.
        2. STEM night fell on Spring break.  We will change the date to April 2nd 5:30-7:30
      2. We will send a letter home the first week of school.
        1. Welcome to PTO
        2. Dates through September
        3. PTO reps
        4. Ways to get involved.


    • Anmarie will write the letter
    • Brian will put it on the website
    • Amy will translate it.


      1. Open House
        1. We will have a table


    • Danielle will speak at open house


        1. Officers
        2. To mention schedule changes
        3. Google form
        4. Parent liasons/class reps
        5. Table
        6. Mane Walk


      1. Changes to PTO meeting schedule
        1. After the executive board meeting send a google form out for the families to give input for the upcoming month
          1. For families who respond/ attend meetings, put their name in a raffle.
          2. Winning Parent’s kids’ get a T shirt
        2. Wednesday of the PTO meeting a few parents meet at 3:00 prior to pick up
        3. This input will be then further brought to the PTO  meetings
        4. We can respond/ post these ideas on classtag
        5. Keep PTO  on Wednesdays 5:30
        6. Continue Babysitting- Gena will get sitters.
      2. Ms. Draper met with Foundation
        1. Service learning Grant could match with MLK day


    • Traci and Anmarie will write for the Grant


      1. Traffic
        1. Ms. Draper met with Todd Repsher about traffic around the city.
        2. We could make Renwick one way during school hours.
        3. Parents cannot get out of their car.
        4. Begin this process with drop off.
        5. Pick a date to have a public meeting.


    • Ms. Draper will give the dates to Mr. Repsher, and create flyers once a date is set.


      1. Dates
        1. August –
          1. * 8/24 Saturday is the Picnic 2-4
          2. * Kindergarten open house is 1-2
          3. 8/26 First Day of school


    • Brian can out a google form the first week of school asking input on the picnic, orientation, so there is a winner in September


      1. September- 
        1. 9/3-9/17 Mrs. Roman coupon books
        2. * 9/3 Open House- Have a table
        3. 9/4 5:30 PTO meeting
        4. * 9/6 Goodies for Grandparents