• PTO Minutes 10/2/19

    PTO Meeting Minutes



      1. Welcome-Anmarie/Donna
        1. Introductions-Welcome to Georg
        2. Match names with National food days
      2. Month in review- Mane walk
        1. Mane Walk-Raised $1,000
        2. Possibly moving the walk to the spring
        3. Could have time to get businesses to support.
        4. Could have time to tell local neighbors
        5. Would start the year with knowledge about our finances
          1. *Ms. Draper to check the amount a PTO can carry.
      3. Month in review- MLK
        1. We received a grant
        2. We also received extra for lunch
        3. We will have people come in to volunteer and be educated on MLK.
        4. 1/20 9am-1pm
        5. RSVP to go out prior to holidays so we can estimate
          1. Sarah Yerk to get info for pajamas for trauma
        6. Possible display MLK related 
      4. October Events-Donna
        1. Bed/Book and Beyond- We are set up.
          1. Will be using legos
        2. Family workshop help
          1. Parent workshop series on Trauma
          2. Need sitters- Wednesdays 10/16, 10/23, 10/30- 5:30-6:30
        3. Halloween Dance
          1. We have lots of volunteers
          2. Lots of waters
          3. Making hot dogs
          4. Brianna will do photos


    • Donna will talk to Missy about donations
    • Laurie and Donna will shop for food


        1. Halloween Parade/Party
          1. Need safety patrol helpers for the afternoon
          2. 4 teachers asked for help with party
          3. Costume choice during lunch.
        2. Room Parents
          1. People who have signed up to help the classroom teachers
          2. We are also trying to connect them to the PTO.
          3. Danielle to email Anmarie with the list of job descriptions for teacher/parents


    • Anmarie to send master list to Ms. Draper


      1. Picture day
        1. Possibly a volunteer to help with the lines when they get to pictures. 
        2. Spring is when we need volunteers to escort students from class to the picture station.
    1. Spirit Wear
      1. Forms went home


    1. Buddy Bench
      1. Teacher choose students
      2. Tuesday 10/8
      3. Kids come down and choose a portion of the bench
      4. Mr. Mark has the bench