• PTO Minutes 10/3/18

    PTO Meeting Minutes



      1. Welcome
        1. Reintroduce old and new members
        2. Explain sitters
      2. September
        1. Mane Walk
          1. One big group was better
          2. Online donations were successful
          3. Same time of year next year
        2. PTO family night
          1. Too close to other events.
          2. Do it the night before the Mane walk
          3. Possibly connect with back to school night
      3. October Schedule
        1. Coffee Talk
          1. We will have to cancel- one in November


    • Coffee urns to be purchased-Laurie and Danielle to Price


        1. Halloween dance
          1. Will buy hot dogs
          2. Same people for Photo booth
          3. No clowns
          4. Class tag reminder for Halloween info


    • Ms. Draper and Brian to create this


        1. Halloween Costume donations
          1. Julie will have the costume by October 19th
        2. Halloween Parties
          1. Teachers will set up their own parties
          2. Brian made flyers
          3. Safety patrol volunteer parents must have clearances.
          4. Parents volunteering for party will be on a list and will receive a sticker.
          5. If a parent doesn’t have a sticker, they can show ID at the office, and receive one.
          6. Traci will set up a google doc for teachers to list parent volunteers for the parties.  The list will go to Donna


    • Brian will make name tags for volunteers


        1. Tech night
          1. Run by Mr. Jeremy
          2. October 18
          3. Maker space
          4. Parents can see the programs that students are doing at school.
          5. Dinner will be provided by PTO.


    • Anmarie will touch base with Jeremy about dinner


      1. Makerspace
        1. Still need volunteers.  
        2. Wed. afternoons 9:30-11  
        3. Friday mornings and 1-3:30
        4. First Day of maker space went well!
      2. Thankful dinner with family photos
        1. November 15 5:30
        2. We will use Martellucci’s and brainstorm the other foods
        3. Mrs. Torres would like to do a project with Student teachers for a family/cultural night
        4. Photo back drop will be Gray


    • Brian will communicate with the photographer about the backdrop.
    • We could join forces- Anmarie will talk to Amy about this


      1. Halloween costume donations
        1. Brian’s wife’s company wants to do a drive for students that do not have costumes.
        2. Competition for the class who has the most donations.
      2. Umbrella Drive
        1. We could have umbrellas with Lincoln Logo on it.
        2. We would have a bucket at patrol areas, so people can use it.
        3. There will be a bucket at the doors to enter and return
      3. MLK day of Service Brainstorming
        1. Community service day having our students give back to the community
          1. We could have buses
          2. We could have younger kids make cards for senior citizens
          3. Hispanic Center
          4. Feed the Children off of 512
          5. Second Harvest
          6. Animal shelter
          7. Children’s hospital


    • Allison will contact her resources
    • Amanda will reach out to Second Harvest