• PTO Minutes 2/6/18

    PTO Meeting Minutes

    1. Welcome-Donna
      1. Introduction
    2. January Activities-recap
      1. Rescheduled MLK activity
        1. It was canceled and rescheduled
        2. We are expecting another snow storm.
        3. Anmarie suggested moving the event to spring
        4. We all agreed
    3. February Activities
      1. Dance
        1. Need more water- at least 300
        2. Need more chaperones
        3. Enough bakers
        4. Michelle and Brian are doing the photo booth
        5. Anmarie is getting food- hot dogs
        6. Make popcorn since we don’t have chips
          1. Make it ahead
          2. Anmarie will get popcorn and bags
        7. HIgh school students
        8. Money boxes
        9. Tickets- two kinds *Danielle on door


      1. Valentine’s Parties
        1. Run by classroom teachers
      2. Dr. Seuss Day
        1. We are making 375
        2. Others will bake-4 dozen cupcakes
        3. Michelle would like cupcakes by the Wednesday 26th.  
        4. Send them to school
        5. Dona will order cake boxes.
        6. Michelle will decorate
      3. PBIS
        1. Behavior/ positive reward system
        2. Earning tickets from a cart with grab bag prizes
        3. Bigger prizes
        4. Quarterly events to celebrate.
        5. Having volunteer hours at beginning or end of the day.
        6. Could use high school kids
        7. Possible funds
          1. Is it possible to get funding for prizes?
          2. Funding for quarterly events?
      4. PTO business next agenda
        1. Discussion for officers next year, bylaws, elections.
        2. Discussion for involving new parents
        3. Kindergarten open house discussion
        4. April 9 PTO/CIS stem night
      5. Officers for next year
        1. Board voted to maintain the current positions until February 2020
      6. New parents
        1. Maker space is lacking volunteers
        2. K and 5th are at the end of the day.
          1. Tracy can send a classtag to see if there are volunteers.
          2. 3-3:30 time frame
        3. Possible alternating dates for PTO meetings.


    • Amy Torrez and Ms. Draper will have a simple survey for spring conferences


        1. Possible class representatives to attend PTO
      1. Pre K Open House/ Stem night
        1. April 9th
        2. 5:30-7:00
        3. Dinner together, then Pre K separates
        4. Stations for children/families
        5. Mad Science from Easton is volunteering their time
        6. Older kids are making a boat out of aluminum foil/ floating the
        7. Lego competition
        8. Create a mandala
        9. Snap circuits
        10. Obstacle course and robots
        11. Prizes


    • Brian will make a flyer.


      1. Freeze Friday
        1. All students are engaged in STEM/ maker space activity
        2. This will be the Friday before.
      2. Teacher Appreciation
        1. Michelle to run it
        2. Ana wants to help.
        3. Theme: Harry Potter and magic
        4. Come up with ideas.  Meet after next meeting.


    • Danielle to email info.


      1. New business
        1. Kid could design it.
        1. Mural on the cafeteria
          1. Families/ community members invited
        2. Next Dine to Donate Flyer to go home Monday
          1. Classtag on Monday
        3. Not having a facebook page
        4. LIncoln bookmark for the RIF picnic


    • Brian can make a template


      1. Back to school carnival
        1. Brian talked to Paige from Fountain HIll
        2. She gave the contacts for our carnival.
        3. Brian is going to look forward for future estimates
      2. CIS game night
        1. 3/21 5:30
        2. Cultural heritage games
        3. Food, music


    Submitted by Danielle Frank- Secretary Lincoln PTO