• PTO Minutes 9/4/19

    PTO Meeting Minutes

    09/04/19-  Meeting


      1. Welcome-Donna
        1. Introductions- Welcome new people!
      2. MLK Grant
        1. Grant paperwork went through
        2. There will be service grant projects
        3. We are looking for project ideas
          1. Sarah Yerk is to get info on Pajamas for Trauma
      3. Welcome back packet
        1. Welcome back packet
        2. Room parent description
        3. Volunteer opportunities paper
        1. Going home next week
        2. September


    • To be revised by Anmarie and sent next week.


      1. Open House
        1. Possibly Create a new pamphlet representing Lincoln
        2. Amy suggested to have translation for Parent presentation
      2. Leo Club
        1. PTO will fund it
      3. Mane Walk
        1. It’s a Walk for our initial fundraiser.


    • Brian:  Form will be sent out next week, Tuesday or Wednesday


        1. Water donations


    • Brian will pick up popsicles


        1. Volunteers needed for major intersection
      1. Maker Space
        1. Wed and Friday 12:30-3:30
        2. Each grade gets 30 min period to send kids down
        3. We received new STEM materials.
        4. Carts will also be purchased for both floors.  
          1. Teachers can sign out the cart for the whole week.
        5. Freeze Friday- 3 or 4 times per year
          1. Everyone participates in  the STEM activities
        6. STEM night
          1. Supplies purchased for that.
      2. Halloween Parade
        1. Safety patrols are applying now
        2. Safety patrols will help with the route.  If parents are available to stand with their student we ask them to.
        3. Keeping the original parade route.
      3. Costume donations
        1. Costumes can choose a new costume for the parade
      4. Halloween Dance
        1. Hot dog, popcorn, water- with admission


    • Donna will see if we can get hot dogs donated


        1. Baked goods
        2. We can play music from the phone


    • Brian to make flyer
    • To go home on Wed. 9/18 to be back 9/25


      1. Back to school “carnival”  update
        1. Possible change in format
        2. Make it more like a picnic
        3. Raffle prizes, haircuts, 
        4. Perhaps have after school programs and partners do demos
        5. New family gets an ambassador to partner up with new families.
      2. Lessening papers coming home
        1. Send papers home with youngest child to lessen paperwork.
      3. Holiday Shop
        1. Not using the previous company
        2. The contact is with a new company.
        3. You can go online and choose the items you want to have at your shop.


    • Brian will contact them to check on the deadline.
    • Clearances
    • Ms Draper will talk with Gena about helping complete their forms
    • We will have a day and set times to help families.


    1. Classtag:  Brian will send out the notes:
      1. We are going to send info on classtag on how to connect to the PTO
      2. Mane Walk
      3. Halloween Dance
      4. Clearances- share link
      5. Parents can reply and give input
    2. PBIS cart
      1. Working on new supplies
      2. Paw themed school items 
      3. PTO can pay for it.
      4. There is a monthly list.
    3. Traffic at pick up and drop off
      1. Neighborhood ambassadors to help clean up the neighborhood.
        1. Leaving a note on the door
        2. The girl scouts could help for their community badge.
      2. Considering turning the street one way. 
    4. Fundraisers
      1. Martellucci’s dine to donate.
      2. Spirit sale-send it out with the volunteer paper.
    5. Dates
      1. September- 
        1. * 9/6 Goodies for Grandparents
        2. 9/23 ½ Day
        3. 9/24-26 Dine to Donate
        4. * 9/27 Mane walk 2:00-2:15 


    Submitted by Danielle Frank- Secretary Lincoln PTO